Sunday, April 09, 2006

Why Datingmonkey Must Exist to Dispense Advice

There's zillions of people trying to find love on the line, but can you find any advice written by people who actually do it? No you cannot. If you want you can get advice from the following places:

1. Books like 'The Rules for Internet Dating' which should, in my view, be burnt on the Pyre of Righteousness;

2. Books like 'How to Find Love Online and Win!', written by people called Dr Steven J Hoffenburger;

3. Very boring articles in magazines and newspapers written by people who have never even looked at an internet dating site, let alone posted a profile and gone on a date;

4. Blogs written by 24 year old girls in Ohio about their experiences ("He was just so cute, but I was kinda confused when he mentioned poetry!!!!!!", etc);

5. Blogs written by 35 year old men for other 35 year old men who have no friends and would explode attractive woman looked at them;

6. Po-faced but sensible advice written on the sites themselves, which are good reminders about safety but don't tell you much else.

I'm not saying I know much about anything, but I've had a pop. I'm a lady, so this is written from a lady's perspective, but as I reckon men and women are mostly the same (apart from skirts and stuff), a lot of it'll make sense if you're a man. In fact, if you're a man and you'd like to add something, I'd like to hear from you. (Not in That Way, unless you're over 6ft and like monkeys.)

In conclusion: I've met a load of fantastic people, and some people so awful they're funny. Has it worked? Well, I'm not shacked up with anyone, but I've made some very good friends and had a laugh. And as a friend of mine once said, "you only have to get it right once." And if I'm doing it, then someone like me's probably doing it too. That's how it works. And no, it's not weird anymore.


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