Tuesday, May 02, 2006


"We've been on ten dates, but his profile's still online: is he interested in me, or is he waiting until someone better comes along?"

Options for your consideration this warm Spring evening:

1. Yes, he's interested in you. He's just checking to see if you've still got your profile up. You were made for each other, you stalkery freaks.

2. Yes, but he's also just making sure there's not someone prettier, funnier, more articulate, thinner, and all-round better than you out there, of course.

3. Yes, but he is also seeing 5 other people. You have competition. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And slightly paranoid.

4. No, not really. That's why he's seen you 10 times, regularly phones you up, emails you a few times a week, has met your friends and has asked what you're doing weekend after next. WHY DON'T YOU JUST ASK HIM?*

* Remembering, as you do, that he will also have noticed that your profile is still up.

Listen, you meet someone you like. Your profile is still up. You get emails. You go and read the emails because you haven't got anything else to do. Then your membership expires and you don't renew it , or you just get fed up with reading all the emails when you're not interested anymore and hide your profile or cancel your membership.

Look, this stuff just isn't worth getting your knickers in a twist about. Just look at the evidence (i.e. amount of times you see him/talk to him, etc). Weigh it up vs. all the imagined scenarios you can. Ask a straight question (not in a mad tearful way: in a nice straightforward way). If that doesn't work, the relationship's probably fucked and he's probably a twat. But you're probably a bit unstable if you're worrying about it that much, so are you sure you should be trying to meet someone?



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