Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You Can't Do Internet Dating All The Time

The people who become 'addicted' to internet dating are the ones that don't realise you can just walk away from it for months at a time (or years, in my case). It's always there. You're not going to miss someone speshul because you decided you just can't be arsed with it for a bit. It's there for you to use when it suits you. Do it when you're in the mood. When you're feeling perky about yourself and nothing much is worrying you. Or you're very bored. Any of those. They're all good. It's just another way of meeting people.


Anonymous ModelElaine said...

I know some people who are “addicted” to it. It’s a part of their life, sorta like a hobby, you know. They date online for recreational purposes, not to find someone and get off of the dating site for good. The “recreational” daters that I personally know are all men, and because they are my good friends, they share their dating stories with me, and I can tell, they are not looking for a “match”. They just look to socialize.

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