Thursday, July 06, 2006

Inter-species Love: A Reader Complains

Dear Fallacious Blogger,

I am writing to say how disappointed I am in your highly misleading web page. I have dropped in on three occasions now and have yet to find any material relating to simian-human relationships. As a regular animal lover, I was expecting a service similar to the excellent or, facilitating relaxed interaction (and maybe something more) between open-minded people and other species.

Imagine my confusion, then, at finding only the turgid repetitive rehearsal of the man-woman, woman-man, same-species tedium that the more enlightened of us have left behind.

This type of deception seems to be the stock in trade of so-called dating sites: I was similarly let down last year when I approached the Singles Network in search of a tennis partner.


K.E. Babhouse

Dear Babhouse

What do you want me to do about it? I'll happily 'open the floor' to supporters of inter-species love, but it's a specialist market. Know what I'm saying?

So saying, I'm a monkey, you're a man, and I'm in the Purley area on Friday. Fancy a go?



P.S. I don't do fellacious though - hope that's OK.


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