Friday, May 05, 2006


Every date I go on is rubbish. The men either leave early, or don't want to see me again. I think they're boring arses too, so I'm not that bothered - but how come I've been on over 20 dates, and I haven't had one 'success'? It's not like I'm ugly or anything - in fact, I'm a very good looking, 5ft 7, size 10 blonde - and I'm very bright.

Is it me, or is it them?

Dear Correspondent

As ever, a number of options here:

1. You've just had bad luck.
2. You are picking the wrong types.
3. You have the social skills of a small monkey
4. You are an insufferably cocky twat.

Only you will know which of these applies, so we'll move on to the advice part.

If you're meeting the wrong sort of person (whatever that is) change your search criteria. If you've always gone for men who are 6ft 4 with PHd in astrophysics you're fucked anyway - but what I'm saying is be less picky about the stuff that doesn't really matter (height, whether they have the same class of degree as you), and more picky about whether they sound like you'd have a laugh or not.

There is no way you can have had that much 'bad luck'. 20 dates? All shit? Look to yourself, my friend. Which brings me on to ...

Social skills are kind of important. It's not that difficult. Don't cock on endlessly about yourself. Ask the other person questions, but don't interview them. Even if you think they're boring, pretend to be interested. That can often make people feel more comfortable, and then they actually do become interesting.

Sounds to me you're a bit of a dick as it goes. Stop being so full of yourself, and you may become more attractive. Then your dates will be more successful.

Good luck!

I remain,



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