Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Internet Dating Does Work

It wasn't internet dating that led me to move from London (England) to Montreal (Canada) in order to be in the loving arms of a self-haircutting French-Canadian veterinary research pathologist; it was my other blog.

But that's another story, and for another day, perhaps when hell freezes over. The point here (if there is one), is that I realised today that eight good friends of mine are in really good 'relationships' (including happily married and/or with children!!!) with someone they met off of the internet (or who I met off of the internet and introduced them to).

In 1905, when I started internet dating, it was still horrifically embarassing, like admitting your ladyparts were malodourous however many fragranced washes you applied, or admitting that you wanted to make sweet love with Jim Davidson or lick raw pork.

Now, however, 87% of Canadian students have had sex online, and people are beginning to realise that it makes more sense to meet someone through internet dating than it does through the traditional means, e.g. in a bar, at the party of someone you think is a cock, or in the office (where, frankly, you would do anything to alleviate the ghastly tedium).

So, do I think internet works? Not that you asked, but I'll give you my opinion anyway: Fuck yeah. And if it doesn't work immediately, just keep going; as my friend Louis says (met through an internet date 6 years ago; now living with another good friend of mine), "you only have to get it right once".

Pip pip!